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About myself

My work as a jeweller and metals artist is an expression of who I am in the world, and how the material I choose is expressed through my hands. It is my greatest form of meditation; a place of energy that translates to an item of beauty.

Symbolic and personal, my work is worn as adornment and is portative: an exhibition as unique as the canvas. The individual brings life to the work; passes on the story, remembers the moment, and creates the representation.

Elbert Hubbard said that "Art is not a thing; it is a way."

And so it is.

About my Process

I am a designer, goldsmith and metalsmith. Much of my work to date has been one of a kind. Many of my pieces are forged by hand; some are created in wax, cast, and hand finished. I work in gold, platinum, and silver and make most of my findings. I am available to do repair work, to re-make an existing piece of jewelry and do custom, one-of-a-kind pieces.

All my pieces are handmade in the US.

My Thanks

To Marion McKinney, my first metals teacher whose knowledge and abilities got me hooked. Thank you to the family of Horace Hanson, who chose me to inherit the studio of their father, a master goldsmith. Thanks to Laura Lisbon, my drawing teacher who encouraged me to stick to my own style (regardless of the 'standards' and expectations of educational institutions); thanks to Fred Burton, whose generosity as a teacher was superlative, and continues to be; to Richard Prillaman, Jim Wallace, and the gifted beings who pass through the gates of the Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Thanks to Fredericka Kulicke for being such a gracious teacher, and thanks to Kathryn Osgood, for introducing me to the possibility of color in my metal work. My heartfelt thanks to Fred de Vos, my teacher, for your talents, wisdom, and spirit.

Thanks to my dear friend Br. Robert Werle, for your advice, laughter, and generosity. I would like to thank my late father, Albert Arezzi, who brought music and art into my life from the beginning. Thank you Jim, for being in my life, just as it is. Thank you Herb, for all the lessons. Thanks to my son Phillip, for where we've been and where we're going. And my thanks to John, my love, my partner, and the one person who has worked the longest and hardest to make my existence nothing less than a brilliant piece of music.

Influence: La Maison Cartier

Inspiration: Music, art, poetry, decades full of learning, exploring, laughter and tears, a bit of madness, endings and beginnings.