Sometimes the rarest beauty can be found in the most common materials. Feldspar is a volcanic mineral that can be found almost anywhere on earth. If you look closely at a piece of granite, you’ll notice that it often contains pink crystals. These pink granules are feldspar.

But not all feldspar is created equal. The variety known as Moonstone grew slowly in molten rock, alternating layers of orthoclase and albite. Each layer is about the thickness of a wavelength of light. The two minerals refract light differently and the result is Moonstone’s shimmering look, where light seems to billow across its surface. This effect is called adularescense, similar in effect to opalesence. Here’s a brief video from the Gem Institute that shows the effect:

In addition, moonstone can exhibit a cat’s eye effect, though this is less common.

Moonstones were popular in ancient Rome, because they were thought to be condensed moonrays. Romans and Greeks connected Moonstone with their lunar deities.

There is a common belief in India today that moonstone is sacred and magical. It’s thought to be a dream stone, bringing pleasant visions during the night. Whether you believe this or not, moonstone is a beautiful and interesting gemstone with a unique, lovely look.

One example of moonstones in my collection is this pair of earrings, with copper-colored moonstones set in 18K yellow gold with sapphires and pearls:

Moonstone Earrings

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4 September 2014

I like to wear the pieces that I create.  Sometimes, I’ll wear an unfinished work to help decide the next step; works in progress.  Mostly, I like to wear the pieces to check for comfort, and to get feedback.  Attached is a photo of three of my rings, not intended to go together, and serendipity!


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Birdsong brings relief
to my longing
I’m just as ecstatic as they are,
but with nothing to say!
Please universal soul, practice
some song or something through me!



Welcome to my blog!  It is meant to give some voice to the feelings that represent my work as an artist, designer and goldsmith.  All ideas, remembrances, shooting stars of thought and written expression is mine, in the moment, and is not meant to be anything, more or less, than my voice.



Sept 1 Blog Inspiration


I don’t follow blogs, nor have I regularly kept written journals.  Today I unintentionally ran across a blog that gave me a bit of inspiration.  The author shared with his community relevant information in ‘snippets’ I’d call them.  Not too much information, no grandstanding, just thought processes letting his followers know where he was on is journey.  No bullshit, just where he was at and, sometimes, what event or conversation took him there.

What I find most distasteful about too many bloggers is that their information is stated as ‘fact’ rather than opinion, and so it is embraced as such.

Thanks to a refreshing stranger in a familiar land.

Now I can get on with it.

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